Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs - MASH

London continuum of need / BRAG

This model was developed in consultation with Local authorities (LAs) and key local, regional and national partners. However, some LAs have more detailed local descriptors and the London Continuum does not provide an exhaustive list of all possible scenarios. Practitioners should always use their professional judgment.

This document acknowledges that children may move from one level of need to another, and that agencies (including universal services) may offer support at more than one level. The various risk levels that will be integrated within the MASH / PPD process is based on this continuum of need.

There are four levels of classification based upon the London Continuum that MASH / PPD staff use when notifying to the LA:

OPEN CASES - Cases that are currently open to the Local Authority Children's Social Care will not be subjected to MASH at the initial receipt stage but forwarded securely via agreed local methods so that the lead professional and their manager are aware of the new matter. It is up to them to identify subsequent matters for consideration within MASH. Police will ensure that a CRIS reflects any new allegation of crime.

LEVEL 1 - BLUE - No identified additional needs. (Does not need a Local Authority referral from Police).

LEVEL 2 - GREEN - Pre-MASH Screening
Following Pre MASH screening, low to no risks identified.
Low risks = Tasked to Multi Agency Panel for onward Tier 2 support.
No risk identified - No safeguarding grounds on which to share outside of MASH.
Information and advice to referrer/parent only.
Timescale: Outcome recorded within 24hours.

LEVEL 3 - AMBER - Enters MASH - Complex needs likely to require longer term intervention from statutory and/or specialist services. High level additional unmet needs - this will usually require a targeted integrated response, which will usually include a specialist or statutory service. This is also the threshold for a child in need (s17) which will require a CSC intervention.
Timescale: MASH investigation within 1 working day.

LEVEL 4 - RED - Enters MASH - Acute needs, requiring statutory, intensive support. In particular this includes the threshold for child protection (s47) which will require CSC intervention. These cases may also require immediate police intervention as the child has been identified to be at risk of harm.
Timescale: MASH investigation within 4 hours (MASH partners notified immediately).