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Dr Simon Harding talks about Street Casino. Dr. Simon Harding, author of The Street Casino: Survival in violent street gangs. On 5 September 2014, Middlesex University held a groundbreaking conference to discuss and debate the issue of violent street gangs inspired by the work of Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology Dr. Simon Harding.

London 360 - The state of London's mental health. Mental health problems have soared in the capital, with anxiety and depression among the most common diagnosed illnesses'. Reporter Latisha Ma explores the reasons behind London's high Mental health rates. Oct 24, 2011.

Love, Sex Conflict: University of Bedfordshire. Published on Nov 25, 2013. The following short film was devised, developed and filmed by a group of young people from different areas in London over two weeks in august 2013. It is their response to issues associated with young women and men, gangs, sex and relationships.

Misunderstood: University of Bedfordshire. Published on Nov 25, 2013. The following short film presents young men and their youth worker engaged in the enthusiasm project. A preventative initiative for young people in gang associated areas. It presents their ideas for supporting other young men to exit gang involvement.

I Define Me: University of Bedfordshire. Published on Nov 25, 2013. The following short film was devised, developed and filmed by young women from Manchester over five days in October 2012. It shares views and experiences of them and their peers on issues affecting young women growing up in gang affected areas.

Animated Minds is a series of short animated documentaries which use real testimony from people who have experienced different forms of mental distress. Their website also contains a list of resources.

Are Service Users The Key To System Change?: RSA-Published on Nov 20, 2013. Dr. Charlie Alcock, founder of MAC-UK, explains how her organisation is putting mental health support at the heart of solutions for young offenders, delivering integrated services developed and run in collaboration with service users.

Failed by the NHS, published on 24 Oct 2013. How the NHS is failing young people with Mental Health issues and how interventions such as mindfulness can assist in recovery.

Dorcas Gwata talking about her award for clinical work with young people. Published on May 11, 2015. Mental health nurse Dorcas Gwata has been talking on This Day Live after winning a nursing award for her clinical work with young people involved in gangs in Westminster.

The Truth about Depression. Published on 16 May 2013. BBC Full Documentary 2013.

What is Bipolar Disorder? A film by Youthspace. Bipolar Disorder can affect many young people. Here our psychiatrist Dr. Nick Stafford talks about young people and Bipolar Disorder, from what it is to how to manage it and get better.

Voices of MIND speak out about talking therapies. Published on 15 Sep 2014. Violet, Anne-Marie, Kirsty and James discuss their experiences of talking therapies and what needs to be improved.

Former girl gang member: "I took my anger to the streets", 12 January 2013. One former girl gang member, Tracey Miller, and Nadine Woodley, who has written a play about gangs, spoke to BBC Breakfast about some of the root causes of violence.

Who is to blame for increasingly violent London gangs? Journeyman Pictures, uploaded on 22 Jul 2008.  London Gangs - UK, 2008. A look at the increasingly young people involved in gang crime across London, and the reasons behind that development.

Life in a London gang The BBC has investigates the gang culture in north London and speaks with some of those involved.

Girls targeted in gangland reprisals: A BBC investigation into gang violence, which considers how girls and young women are being exploited and exposed to sexual violence in gangland reprisals.

Why everything you think you know about gangs is wrong: Guardian July 2015. Dailymotion. There are widespread misconceptions about what gangs are, who joins them, and why.

So what does "recovery" mean? Professor Mike Slade:

What is happening inside the brain when people hear voices? Dr. Sukhi Shergill:

Mental health needs of gang-affiliated young people: Public Health England. Professor Mark Bellis, Director of Policy, Research and Development at Public Health Wales, on mental health problems faced by young people involved with gangs.

Breaking the cycle: 14 Jun 2012. A short film about the work of the SOS Project, a revolutionary programme that reintegrates former prisoners back into society and helps to cut youth re-offending rates dramatically.

Transforming the Community: Junior Smart. TEDxImperial College - Apr 2012. Junior Smart, reformed ex-offender, talks about his efforts to reduce re-offending through his groundbreaking SOS Project.