1 in 10
young people

suffer from a
mental illness...

Welcome to the MAST online resource, which aims to promote the safety of young people in London by making it easier for you as practitioners to take appropriate action to support young people when there are signs that they are suffering from mental health issues and/or emotional trauma.

A particular focus of the MAST programme is the link between Mental Health, Emotional Trauma, offending in general, and the harm caused by gangs, both to gang members themselves and to vulnerable victims. However, the overall objective is to intervene at an early stage, before a person's condition deteriorates and serious crime and serious risk to the public take place.

Within this online resource we have compiled referral guides that provide information on local referral pathways to mental health support and safeguarding services for each of the boroughs of London.

Did you know?

Depression affects as many as one in every 33 children and one in 8 adolescents.

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Referral Guide

Designed to assist to you to identify the most appropriate service to provide the necessary support for a young person presenting to your agency.